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Prototyping lies at the heart of innovation, serving as a dynamic bridge between concept and tangible reality. Our approach to prototyping is driven by a commitment to push boundaries and create transformative solutions. It involves an iterative and collaborative process, where ideas evolve through successive stages of design, testing, and refinement. Prototyping not only allows us to visualise and fine-tune product functionalities but also serves as a vital tool for identifying potential challenges and optimising performance. This agile methodology ensures that our medical technologies not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of technological advancements. By embracing prototyping, we embrace the spirit of innovation, and strive to bring groundbreaking solutions to the forefront of the technological landscape.



We own several high speed 5 axis CNC machining which allow quick turn of modeling & functional components, we machine from solid block plastics into actual finish parts.



Using CNC as the master, we can cast the prototype using urethane from silicone rubber molds. After the urethane has cured, we remove any excess with a file or fine grit sand paper to achieve the desired finish.



Our prototype tooling capability and specification

1. It’s modified from vertical cable / wire over-mold machine. Our engineer redesigned the machine to include bottom injection system, increased two more heating bands (to increase maximum heat temperatures) for more varying materials,a pressure sensor for feel back, and a cooling system to act like a normal injection machine.


2. The maximum allowable part weight is 350g. We can increase the shot weight by changing the barrel, but clamping force remain same. Since everything is manually operated, without angular core system we can use up to 85% clamping force.

3. There is no mold base, as it only uses basic cavity and core insert. The core is equipped with a standard ejection system, same as MUB (Mold unit base) design.

4. A prototype tool cost is about 40% less than normal tooling.



With our semi industrial grade 3D Printer, we are able to create parts in a rapid manner for validation and product feasibility.