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As wearables become more prominent in our every day lives, it is important to be competent in various manufacturing solutions to constantly meet customer’s expectations. One of our breaking through solution is encapsulating PCBAs into molded plastics or silicone rubber. As we all know, electronic components such as PCBs tend to get damaged in contact with heat. However, we adept the method of “Low Pressure injection Molding” to skilfully use thermoplastics with low viscosity, to overmold and encapsulate sensitive electronic assemblies. Not to worry either, our soution has a IP-67 rating, which makes it waterproof thus extremely safe for any contact with body sweat. With this method, our customers get to have more flexibility in designing their products.





A wristband to track fitness statistics.



When Fitbit first started as a three-men company, Racer was the first contract manufacturer they engaged to assist them with product development and prototype. Our first manufacturing run is only at 20 to 100 units, as we finalise the product specifications. As their production ramp up, we dedicated half of our Batam facility for them to achieve cost-effective high volume production and full box-build assembly.