Respiratory Delivery


Mypurmist’s advanced technology delivers a portable and effective steam therapy experience. Whether addressing congestion, allergies, or cold symptoms. It provides a convenient and drug-free approach to respiratory wellness. As we continue to prioritise health and comfort, Mypurmist exemplifies a dedication to accessible and innovative solutions that empower individuals to breathe easier and live healthier lives. The device is suitable for use by toddlers and adults, as a handheld device that can be used easily in the comfort of our homes. This device is currently sold all over drugstores in the USA.


Cochlear Hearing Aid 


Our cochlear hearing aid is designed to fit the active lifestyle and smaller sizes of young children. We can manufacture intricate medical devices by ascertaining our expertise to challenge tough tolerances, like flexible sound processing circuitry. Hence, providing a futuristic approach in hearing solutions, to cater to the hearing impaired.

Insulin Pump


Allows portable delivery of insulin for diabetic patients, which contains a reservoir of quick-acting insulin that delivers both basal (background) and quick-acting insulin doses in a more convenient manner. Being part of MiniMed system supply chain, we support development of innovative insulin pumps for Medtronic.



The alcohol tester or breathalyser is tailored with an ergonomic design and thermoplastics elastomer (TPE ). Widely used in the commercial sector, it is certified to provide accurate analysis of any breath alcohol tests, compensating with any ambient conditions, and adjusts accordingly.



Surgical LED Lighting


Brings optimal illumination to deep and narrow surgical cavities where illumination was previously inadequate. With a size of 4.6mm in diameter, it is able to optimally illuminates open surgical cavities and provides surgeons with an effective lighting solution especially suited for deep cavity work. It can only be used one time, with a 4-hour lifespan.