Point-of-care testing gives immediate results in non-laboratory settings to allow next stage of treatment for the patient. It supports more patient-centered approaches to the healthcare market and allows them to monitor on their own at home. Our talent in microfluidic technology in manufacturing enables us to engage new opportunities in this new era of upcoming trend. Also equipped with our Class 10,000 (ISO 7) Cleanroom in molding and assembly manufacturing services, we will fulfil and deliver your needs. Getting into early Involvement with your prototype idea concept to your required volume production. We offer low volume production for your clinical trail & testing and optimise your test kit for manufacturability, reliability & regulatory compliance. As a turnkey contract manufacturer, we have the ability to provide full packaging and handle sterilisation services. 

HIV Test Kit


Designed in collaboration with Cambridge University, we are their major partner for disposable test kits. The end product is a low-cost yet effective detection of HIV, with a production run of 2 million units. This is a great case study to showcase our close-knitted involvement with our customers as we get to be part of their:

  • Design and Development
  • Prototype Testing
  • Mass Manufacturing
  • Re-Engineering (for Version 2)

Afterwards, we re-designed the product to be suitable for COVID-19 test kits during the pandemic. More information is below. 


COVID-19 Test Kit


To contribute in meeting the demand of healthcare diagnostic needs during the pandemic, we assisted the Singapore government to provide test kits for public use. Utilising on limited resources in our Singapore facility (due to shipment restrictions with our other facilities), we have three shifts to constantly keep our production running. Lastly, as mentioned above, we support our other customers specialising in disposable test kits to take advantage of the market demand and create a new product offering for them to target.


Fact: Due to our dedication and commitment during the pandemic, Racer Technology was one of the few companies to be awarded the “COVID-19 Resilience Certification” in 2023. 



Lateral Flow Test


Other than for the purpose of COVID-19, we are able to develop other kinds of disposable test kits for various diseases. Most importantly, customers need to have an approved and effective reagent. Because other than that, we are able to take care of the other aspects of manufacturing so customers can focus on sales and development.


For example:

  • Reagent filling and dispensing
  • Low-cost disposable cartridge
  • Other relevant items used to take samples (e.g., Swabs, tube, cotton)





Dialysis Cassette for Blood Collection


Our cassette design revolutionise conventional ways of dialysis treatment, by allowing patients to have dialysis treatments in the comfort of their own home. Simply put, if we can contain the waste, blood and dialysate fluid into a disposable cassette, patients can eliminate the hassle of cleaning up which previously can only be done by clinical staffs.