During COVID-19, we took part in numerous ventilator challenges and won many awards with our design and effectiveness.

Cambridge Consultants: UK Ventilator Challenge 


In collaboration with Cambridge Consultants, we co-developed “Veloci-Vent” for National Health Service (NHS). As part of easing the demand for ventilators in the UK hospitals, this sophisticated device was  created from scratch in a little over six weeks. Leading technology and engineering resources were engaged to build existing, modified or newly designed ventilators at speed.

Worldwide Ventilator Foundation


An attempt was made to design a low-cost, yet portable ventilator which is suitable for mass production in the shortest lead time possible. All our efforts paid off when it received the recognition for the “Top Design Excellence Award” from The Industrial Designers Society of America (iDSA). Our device is FDA approved and can be sold in the USA. With the limitations of shipping due to COVID-19, 85% of the components are sourced locally in Singapore. In total, there are 150 custom precision design components, fabricated and developed in-house.