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Racer implements methodical protocols that bring together a balance of form and aesthetics, of fit and function. By leveraging our broad background across many disciplines, we are able to provide creative insights by consolidated proper-grounded research and deep knowledge of market trend & user experience.

Racer’s mechanical engineering services can help you to transform ideas to manufacturability products by developing guidance models, and graphics for manufacturing process. Our mechanical design team uses the state-of-the-art tools and follow the industries’ best practices to ensure excellent manufacturing outcomes.

Partnering with us equal to our resources will work as a true engineering extension of your company. With the help of our facility’s pre-engineering tools and years of experiences building products, we turn your products into reality is not a dream.

We carefully review and inspect your designs, and make efficient improvement & optimization on the DFM to meet the customer’s satisfaction. This doesn’t only provide our customers the opportunity to build the most reliable but also at the most reasonable and cost-effective product without compromising the ideas.

We practice such tool to select the most cost effective material and process to be used in the production in the early stages of product design. We minimize part count and design parts with self locating features to minimize orientation and also advocate modular design.

Racer has the tools, knowledge and experience in designing PCBA that functioned and meet your project needs, despite of all the sophisticated technical issues, size or design defects that might be encountered by our customer. Customer need only provide their electronic device idea and Racer team will support it from conception to completion. Experience this one-stop PCB solution with our well-known and certified partners with various production capabilities.