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Our fully electric micro molding machine allows us to nail and secure our uniqueness in this market, we are fully equipped with assembly, of corona heat treatment, UV bonding and die-cut for our microfluidic chip. The disposable smart plastic lab-on-a-chip has sampling & identifying competence for immediate and accurate measurements of diagnostics of specific biomarkers from a human body with minimum invasion.


We continue to push the boundaries with the latest molding and post-processing equipment to support industry demands for smaller, tighter tolerance components for minimally invasive procedures & point-of-care diagnostics. This is made possible by our competency in proper tool design and construction, preventing thermal stress and material degradation during the injection process. An inspection camera system allows for in-line checking as soon as parts are being ejected from the tooling.

3D Cell Culture Chip


In vitro 3D cell culture models have emerged as a bridge between traditional 2D cell culture models and in vivo animal models. A carefully designed 3D model provides more physiologically relevant data for cell proliferation, morphology, does response to drugs/toxins and gene expression profiles. This is because biological mechanisms that occur in differ significantly from 2D culture in ways more consistent with in vivo observations.


The topographically complex 3D microenvironment accurately reflects in-vivo conditions as compared to a hard & flat plastic surface. Cell adhesion, cellular structure, effector transport and mechanotransduction are also substantially different in 3D system. This enables users to design experiments that previously could not be performed in conventional 2D assays, at a fraction of the cost of in vivo animal models.


In-Vitro Diagnostic


Handheld multiplex point of care diagnostic for differentiation of Lassa fever, Dengue fever, and Ebola Hemorrhagic fever. It is incorporated with 4 layers of microfluidic chip for the reagent to flow through and act as a “enclosed PCR” to multiply the cells. This allows for efficient diagnosis of diseases conveniently through a handheld device. Our premises are certified to do reagent filling and dispensing in cleanrooms. Currently, we have ISO 7 Cleanroom (Class 10,000) in our Singapore facility.

Cell Retriever System Microfluidic Technology


Fully automated system for Circulating Tumour Cells (CTC). It is mainly used for molecular analyses and diagnostic assays of cancer cells. Using microfluidic technology, centrifugal force is applied at high speeds to swing the blood sample and make the cancer cells bigger to “catch on” to the outer walls of the chip. This allows for quick diagnostic and detection of cancer. A EMI coating is applied in the inner walls of the system, at our in-house facility. This prevents electromagnetic interference to its surroundings.

Fun fact: 90% of the system is developed, fabricated, and manufactured in Singapore, with our Singapore Medtech Consortium members.